My analog system worked fine for all these years, why CCTV asks us to convert it to digital?
As a result of satellite technology advancement, the direct-to-home analog broadcast is obsolete, and is being replaced by digital.

What are the advantages of going digital?
The digital technology is much better than analogue. Better quality with both picture and sound, signal stability, bigger channel capacity, easier viewership management, lower cost per channel for the broadcaster are only a few examples.

Can you provide maintainance and repair on my existing system?
Yes, our technicians have experience with most major brands of security equipment. We are also able to provide repair parts for most major brands.

How can I save on security personnel by opting for CCTV Monitoring service?
You get a considerable amount of cost savings by being able to monitor multiple sites from one location. With IP CCTV, you can monitor up to 32 cameras on two screens with a single camera at a time, and respond to events in real-time without having to perform multiple patrols.

Is there any regulatory implication regarding an employer installing a CCTV system in the office for employee monitoring and data retention?
Yes CCTV use in India is covered by the Data Protection Act if it is used to gather information about an individual it is monitored remotely or is given to people other than law enforcement authorities. If CCTV use falls under the ambit of the DPA, ten the employer would need at least signage, and a policy for the retention of data.However, these restrictions do not come in the way of us providing CCTV Monitoring service to our clients.

How efficient and effective are your motion detection facilities which allow the operative to go on alert?
The limits of CCTV are extended according to increasing needs. Originally installed to thwart burglary, assault, and car theft, in practice most camera systems have been used to combat anti-social and disorderly behavior such as littering, urinating in public, eve teasing, traffic violations, obstruction, drunkenness, and evading meters in town parking slots. The clarity of the pictures is often excellent, with many systems being able to recognize a cigarette packet at a hundred meters. The systems can work in pitch-blackness, bringing images up to daylight level.

Can you mention a few benefits of availing CCTV Monitoring service from you?
You are assured of full proof service including the following monitor multiple sites from one location, almost no limitations on where you can place cameras, remote accessibility, fantastic picture quality, retrieve information immediately, and playback of recorded information.